Superwallet, the Supercapital payment gateway is for everyone who pays and gets paid - all the convenience of PayPal without the extraordinary cost.

Superwallet - an easy & secure method for making & accepting payments

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Payments in 27 currencies are free and instant for individuals and merchants, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The payment process is ultra secure using one-time tokens, biometrics and cryptographic keys.

Messaging between the buyer and seller, documents and smart contracts all form part of the transaction.


Merchants, companies and individuals can all apply online with just their photo ID and basic contact information. Accounts are typically approved within 2 minutes. 

Accounts can be funded by bank transfer in 27 currencies or instantly with Sofort Banking for GBP and EUR. Funds can be exchanged and stored in any currency.


:How it works

Payments can be made to other Superwallet members using their QR code or any other identification they have shared. No need to ever share sensitive financial information. 


Contact us to find out how easy it is to integrate Superwallet into your online and POS store, saving you 100% in acquiring costs with no chargeback risk and no initial capital outlay.

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